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Let me take a moment to introduce the wholesale forum to you, unlike the majority of other wholesale forums on the internet this one was not set up make money it was set up to develop itself into a resource that aimed to provide somewhere for buyers and sellers within the UK and EU, to buy, sell, and discuss all things Wholesale and Commerce.

The wholesale forum is also highly committed to help find and expose those sites that are set up as scams to take your money off you for no return. These people are unfortunately all over the internet and the wholesale forum has already identified a number of these scammers and has helped people not get scammed by them.

The wholesale forums are still developing and James the owner is actively pushing the site, at his own cost, so that more and more people join the forum. This will have the only benefit of improving the quality of the forum and its efforts to help those wishing to make an online business a reality.

The wholesale forums are also planning on developing the forum so that potential suppliers will have a section to advertise the services that they can offer you. This will mean that the suppliers will be chasing you and not the other way round, which will make a pleasent change! This service is going to be heavily moderated so that no rouge sellers can get through.

So although the forums are relatively new take the opportunity to join (its free) as you have nothing to lose and I have no doubt that you will at least learn a thing or two about the complexities of online business and trading.

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