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Is Ebay trying to Become an Amazon Clone?

We all know that Ebay is changing, personally I just carry on going about my selling business and take them in my stride as I offer a good service and the items that I choose to sell offer me the opportunity to absorb their fees. They take me for my fees and I capitalise on their traffic volumes it really is a fair exchange as I see it.

The question is…what do they see their business strategy and direction as now?

Ebay have reduced listing fees and thrown in ‘extras’ such as gallery for ‘free’ and redefined their search algorithms to focus on sellers DSR’s in an action that gives the seller more exposure the happier their customers are. The more exposure that a listing gets the higher the likelihood is that the final selling price will be higher and as such the greater the FVF that Ebay will collect, thus offsetting the lower insertion fees. There are even rumours that Ebay will be moving towards free listings for all, does this not simply sound like the Amazon business model??

Look at Amazon, they offer a free to list policy to their sellers however the marketplace is a hell of a lot more structured and controlled and they then take a larger proportion of the final price in fees. If the customer isn’t happy then it is up to the seller to make them happy or they no longer sell on the Amazon marketplace.

No one can really argue that it really is a good business model but can Ebay really go from its seller focused approach (you can make your fortune on here type of marketing) to a buyer focused approach (a really use able and confidence building marketplace) without turning upon the very sellers (read legit) that have made it what it is today.


I’m Sick of Ebay Complainers

As a regular around the eBay forums and blogs and as a powerseller on eBay myself I am starting to tire of the endless complaints and moaning about eBay…… a simple statement followed by a simple question :


Ebay changes the rules - they can it is their playing field.


If you don’t like playing on their field why don’t you leave?

Ebay Removing Mutual Feedback Withdrawel Option

As part of the move to increase the effectiveness of the buyer/seller process eBay is removing Mutual Feedback Withdrawal.This is a global eBay site-wide initiative which will start to roll-out in May, 2008.

Key dates are:

5/12 Australia
5/15 UK, Ireland
5/19 US, Canada, Canada.FR
5/20 France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium.FR, Belgium.NL
5/21 HongKong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Phillipines
5/22 Germany, Austria, Switzerland

What are your thoughts?

Paypal - Stop Complaining about the Fees!

It always amazes me that people complain about using a service like paypal and go on about “the fees are to high”….instead of blaming high fees for margins being low you should really be looking at why your margins are so low and whether the fact that your purchase costs are way to high is the real reason.

As most people do I visit a number of forums and here are some of the comments that you get:

paypal and eBay I consider scams. If I had $1000 coming to me they would take $30

After paying my Paypal fees all I had left was $1

I will always remember a phrase that I was told a long time ago…..

Profit isn’t made when you sell an item it is actually made when you buy the item.

Personally I think that Paypal fees are reasonable, simply factor them into your selling cost and they really become a non consideration.

So what are your thoughts on Paypal? Would not accepting Paypal actually damage your business?

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