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Ebay buyer left Neutral Feedback because I didn’t leave Feedback First

With the impact that a neutral feedback can now have on your Sellers Feedback scores, basically the same as a Negative, I was worried to see a buyer leave me a neutral feedback on all 15 items they purchased because I hadn’t left them feedback first! Here is the actual comment:

Excellent, as described - disappointed I have to leave feedback first

Now I openly email my customers for these particular items as they are affected massively by the buyers physique (ie. they are slim fit as stated in the auction) and if they find that they are too tight I simply get them to send them back and I will supply a looser fitting replacement of the exact same item (at my cost!). I tell them that feedback will be left once the transaction is complete and that I deem it complete when the buyer leaves me feedback, I fully state my reasons for this (experience tells me that feedback issues on the sizing, although clearly stated, happen) and even state that as per the new rules I am only able to leave a positive and that I am confident that everything will be 100% as promised with the transaction.

When Ebay announced the changes I was a little sceptical but was willing to give the system a go as I was confident that my own business practices would not generate me any issues, as they haven’t for the last 6 years..but how was I wrong. I am now firmly starting to move over to the community of doubters, I was going this way after reading lots on the forums about these issues anyway but this buyer has firmly planted me there now. I have reported this to Ebay but got a generic reply back, as expected really, because Ebay expect the seller to leave feedback first and deem this correct.

I have no intention of changing this business practice for these lines (feedback) but will monitor the situation and if things continue will simply drop the line and focus on other things but this is obviously going to be limiting to my business and something that I am not willing to simply sit back and take so looks like I may be increasing my exit rate from Ebay.

Only one seller you may say but how many other sellers (inc. powersellers) will be seeing the same effects, I’m not asking for a biased marketplace to the sellers but surely a little more of a level playing field would be appropriate?

Paypal Pay Later - Buy Now and Pay in 90 Days.

How about offering your Ebay buyers the option of “Buy Now and Pay in 90 Days”?

Would this help your sales?……. According to a study conducted by Northstar Research Partners commissioned by PayPal, 56 percent of PayPal users are more likely to purchase from a retail site if a PayPal deferred payment option is available.

Well as of now you can, as long as you are selling on (I presume it will get rolled out to et al later as all initiatives tend to). The service, automatically integrated into the Ebay checkout process, will allow the seller to offer flexible buying options to the buyer even if the buyer doesn’t have a Paypal account. The Paypal Pay Later service can be used on purchases between $50 and $1,500 (at the moment)

Just because the buyer doesn’t pay for 90 days doesn’t affect the seller as they get paid immediately…

Could this set you apart from the rest of the sellers in your niche?

What about using it as a tool to drive additional sales to put the purchase price into the price bracket to qualify for the 90 day payments? Add on sales heaven :o)


Feedback - The Image that Says the Time that Sellers Were Dreading is Upon Us.

The majority of sellers will have noticed that their feedback scores have changed now that multiple purchases count towards their scores, however unless you are buying from EBay to you probably have not seen the below image :

Do we hear the community groan?
Will we see the feedback issues rear their ugly heads like most sellers feared?
Have Ebay basically said, do what you want to with feedback nothing will come back on you?

I guess only time will tell….

Ebay Crusher - Additional Income from Ebay for a Little Effort/Expense

Having been a powerseller on Ebay for well over 5 years and finding that it is becoming increasingly harder and time consuming to deliver my business goals I decided that I needed to diversify my Ebay interests to develop other streams of income.

Over the last few years I have read, and invested my hard earned money into, numerous e-books on how to develop your Ebay business further. To be honest I would have been better simply setting fire to the money as they simply throw the same old nonsense up that has been banded around the Internet for years.

Then I read, Ebay Crusher, and I simply couldn’t believe that I had missed such a simple to implement process that could generate me an Ebay income in line with what I had spent years developing as a Powerseller of traditional products.

For those that are looking for a get rich quick scheme then this isn’t for them, what this e-book delivers is a step by step guide on how to combine affiliate marketing with the largest online auction marketplace and to quite simply make money with less hassle than a traditional auction product.

After reading the e-book I gave it a go, followed the simple instructions and set about aiming to make it work. My first attempt doubled my investment in 3 days (including e-book cost, ad cost etc) and it really wasn’t the best attempt in the world. Since then I have fine tuned my approach (again outlined in the e-book) and my current adverts are returning me in excess of 2000% return per advert.

I really do wish that I had read this e-book earlier and started to reap the returns earlier, I simply cannot recommend it highly enough for those that are simply frustrated at not being able to compete with the might of the Ebay Powersellers in the traditional sense of Ebay.

This process takes your mindset “outside the box” of the traditional Ebay money model, David’s method allows you to dictate what you can make and therefore realise the earning potential that you would want from Ebay. It really is a no brainer, just buy the e-book and join me making the money that I want to make with as little hassle as possible.

Ebay Crusher - the next generation of tool to develop your eBay income.

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