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Increasing Postal charge on Ebay to offset Fee Reduction Controls

Since the changes I have increased my poatage and packing charges as I am not prepared to allow Ebay to dictate and twist things so that I do not qualify for any discount.

My increased charges, although only marginal increases, ensure that I can maintain by profitability using their OWN trading model of discounts without them actually having the final say.

The added bonus is that last month I also qualified for my discount :o)

Ebay “Sell” the sellers trading model by flashing discounts and offset fees etc to encourage volume selling and then allow buyers to dictate how my business will qualify. A buyer that expects a £200 item to go standard first class and then doesn’t want to pay for it can simply scale me down and cost me money when in reality I am performing my business within Ebay’s own guidelines and providing a postal option that covers them in terms of insurance if anything goes wrong. Would they be happy with just £34 (from insurance) if things went wrong…no I dont think so.

I will continue to increase my P&P where I see necessary to ensure my profitability, lots of sellers are actually doing this so essentially by “creating a buyers marketplace” they have actually created a more expensive marketplace..

EBay’s Bubble has Burst

After the latest round of changes and studying the impacts it has had on my sellers account it seems that Ebay’s attempt to move to the BIN format (Amazon Model) seems to be working, the one bid auction seems to be the norm…

Simple statement:

“Has Ebay Burst their own Bubble….”??

Feedback Extortion from the US, copy of E-Mail

This has started to appear on a number of blogs and is constantly being pulled from the US Ebay Boards, brought to our attention by our friends at the Powerseller Forums

Listen very carefully. I am the winner of this item. I have 4 other eBay Users in place either bidding on or have won items from you plus myself totaling 5.

We are prepared to leave you 5 Positive Feedbacks or 5 Negative Feedbacks depending on your actions. In a nutshell, we are in the business of selling Positive Feedbacks to eBay Sellers for $20 each, totaling $100 for 5 Positive Feedbacks.

If you purchase the 5 Positive Feedbacks for $100, you not only get to sell your items, you also receive 5 Positive Feedbacks. As you well know, Feedback is EVERYTHING to an eBay seller on whether they are successful or not.

I’m sure that you want to remain successful in your eBay business. Plus, along with the 5 Positive Feedbacks, we will also Guarantee Never to contact you again and we take you off of our list. You’ll even get a receipt for your purchase.

Now, here’s the important part.

If you refuse to purchase the 5 Positive Feedbacks, we will leave you 5 Negative Feedbacks for starters. We have 100’s & 100’s of eBay Users in place that we can use to leave feedbacks. In fact, we have enough to consistently leave you Negative Feedbacks for months resulting in you having to shut down your business.

The absolute worst thing that you can do at this point is to try and contact eBay at any time about this or refuse to cooperate; we Will start leaving you Negative Feedbacks and shut your business down.

Make no mistake, we’ve been doing this for years and have the power & resources to continually leave you Negative Feedbacks resulting in the closing of your business.

Think about this, if you try to report us to eBay and they try and suspend our account or something like that, it will not stop us whatsoever. Remember, I said we have 100’s if not 1,000’s of eBay Users in place that we can use to leave you Negative Feedbacks over & over again until you are forced to shut your business down that you worked so hard to build up.

Even if eBay were to keep suspending our user accounts, we have plenty more that we can use to keep leaving you Negative Feedbacks and there’s No way that eBay can keep up and stop us. They have tried & failed miserably. They also know about what we do. So the best and smartest thing that you can do is protect your business and just purchase the 5 Positive Feedbacks from us. That way, it’s done and over with and you can successfully continue to run your business without ever hearing from us again.

We will give you up to 72 hours from now, to reply. The sooner, the better of course. Just send us an email stating that you want to purchase the 5 Positive Feedbacks from us and let us know your main email that you use so we can contact you.

If we don’t hear from you by the end of the 72 hours, we will assume that you are refusing to cooperate and we will start leaving you Negative Feedbacks. So don’t do anything stupid. The smartest thing that you can do is take this seriously, we know what we’re doing. After we hear your reply to this email, we will contact you with further instructions.

The question is it a hoax or not but either way it is an indication of what possibly could happen now the new feedbacks rules are in place. Lets wait and see if this actually permiates over to the UK or just fizzles out..

Ebay Feedback Changes

Simple statement really, after the recent feedback changes how do you define feedback?

“A pat on the back and a business promoter”


“A kick in the teeth and a business cost”

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