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Online Auctions are a great place to have some fun, buy/sell and make money as you do.

I am totally addicted to making money from the Online Auction scene

This blog is a place where I can share my learnings and also rant, rave and praise all aspects of the auction scene.

Auction Philosophies

Buy your product, add value and sell for a profit.

Sell in a professional manner using all the tools available.

Think outside the box and make your money.

Christmas Gift Cards and Ebay

This Christmas I have received a number of Gift Cards for various retailers, presumably because I am hard to buy for!, and a lot of these I will never use as I get my mainstay of music as MP3 etc. So I thought I would simply put them on Ebay and sell them, after a bit of research It looks like you can expect to get a 70-80% return on the face value of teh gift cards which really isn’t that bad.

However, as I sat putting a template together, a simple thought came to my mind…..

At this time of the year most retailers are having sales, some with cuts as big as 80%. So I decided to run a little experiment, I took the Gift Cards to the various shops and actually bought products with them (sale goods of course) and I plan to hold onto them for a few weeks until the retailers prices go back up (and the unwanted goods on Ebay barrage is finished)and then will list them on Ebay and see what returns I can get.

I have done some preliminary research into pre Christmas pricing and it seems that I should, if all things go well, see a return of circa 120% which all in all isn’t that bad. Plus I will obviously be carefully structuring my listings to maximise the traffic potential to my own which should in turn throw up some more earnings potentials….lets see how things go

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