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Ebay Fee Reduction Challenge

Fancy a shop for only £1 a month instead of the current £6 (and soon to be £14.95)…This little trick has been around for a while now and that is to simply register a shop on the Belgium version of Ebay, you have to put up with having to deal with the language differences but there are plenty of converters and when you get used to it it becomes second nature.

Also as most are aware the fee structures are about to change and in terms of fees the Featured and Anchor shops are considerably cheaper on the other various Ebay sites (the first way to reduce your fees) but also utilising one of these formats also allows for insertion fees of circa 1p to be gained. So the simple answer again is to open a shop, preferably Anchor, on one of the other sites to gain this fee reduction. This is well within Ebay rules and can help your profitability massively.

Here are the current fees for the shops on the various sites, the Singapore one is looking very interesting right now….

So are you going to take up the fee reduction challenge….if you have any other suggestions then please comment away.

Half Price Listing Day Thursday 7th August

Sorry not been posting a lot recently but full service will resume shortly, just a quick one to point out that its Half Price Listing on Thursday 7th August. Always good to save some fees…

Half Price Ebay Listings

Feedback Neutrals no longer to be Negatives.

Hello everyone - It’s been less than a month since I saw many of you at eBay Live!, and already I have more news to share. In Chicago, I provided progress updates on many of the changes we’ve made over the past six months; early indications tell us that we’re getting a lot of things right, as evidenced by more sellers improving their DSRs and fewer top buyers reporting bad experiences.
Many of you told me personally that you believed the changes were for the better, but we also heard concerns from Community members around the world about Feedback. As I said at eBay Live!, we are listening. Open, constructive discussion about what’s working and what’s not is a strength of our Community, and essential to the collective good of eBay. When we get something wrong, we want to make it right. And when you have ideas that benefit the collective good, we want to make them happen. To that end, we are making the following changes based on your input.

Recalculating Feedback percentages without neutrals: Effective in late August, neutrals will no longer be counted as part of the Feedback percentage. This means we will be recalculating Feedback percentages retroactively for users worldwide. In the interim, no one will lose their PowerSeller status as a result of neutrals being included in their Feedback percentage.

Helping you resolve issues and satisfy buyers: By the end of October, we will roll out a new process to help you resolve issues with buyers, even after the buyer has left negative feedback. Everybody makes mistakes – buyers and sellers alike, and buyers should have a mechanism to change feedback if they make a mistake or if the seller rectifies an issue in a timely manner. Unlike with our previous Mutual Feedback Withdrawal system, our new process will enable buyers to change their feedback of the seller, not just withdraw the rating. We’ll provide more details of this new process in the fall.

This is part of our overall effort to improve the customer experience, especially for sellers. In fact, we’re already making progress in addressing one of your biggest pain points — removing negative and neutral feedback left by buyers who violate our policies. For example, since we debuted the new Feedback system in May, we have removed more than 60 percent of the negative/neutral feedback left by buyers in an unpaid item (UPI) process. Looking ahead, you will see us continue to take the steps needed to protect your reputation on eBay. In the meantime, you can also protect yourself by following some well-defined best practices in using Feedback. I encourage you to check them out.

Finally, we’re working to resolve other important issues that eBay sellers have raised over the past several months. I hope what I’ve shared with you today demonstrates our commitment to listening and responding quickly with solutions. We want to make eBay a great place for you to do business, but it’s going to take all of us — together — to get it right for the collective good. I want to thank you for your patience, your business and your continued commitment to eBay.

Increasing Postal charge on Ebay to offset Fee Reduction Controls

Since the changes I have increased my poatage and packing charges as I am not prepared to allow Ebay to dictate and twist things so that I do not qualify for any discount.

My increased charges, although only marginal increases, ensure that I can maintain by profitability using their OWN trading model of discounts without them actually having the final say.

The added bonus is that last month I also qualified for my discount :o)

Ebay “Sell” the sellers trading model by flashing discounts and offset fees etc to encourage volume selling and then allow buyers to dictate how my business will qualify. A buyer that expects a £200 item to go standard first class and then doesn’t want to pay for it can simply scale me down and cost me money when in reality I am performing my business within Ebay’s own guidelines and providing a postal option that covers them in terms of insurance if anything goes wrong. Would they be happy with just £34 (from insurance) if things went wrong…no I dont think so.

I will continue to increase my P&P where I see necessary to ensure my profitability, lots of sellers are actually doing this so essentially by “creating a buyers marketplace” they have actually created a more expensive marketplace..

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