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Online Auctions are a great place to have some fun, buy/sell and make money as you do.

I am totally addicted to making money from the Online Auction scene

This blog is a place where I can share my learnings and also rant, rave and praise all aspects of the auction scene.

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Buy your product, add value and sell for a profit.

Sell in a professional manner using all the tools available.

Think outside the box and make your money.

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I’m Sick of Ebay Complainers

As a regular around the eBay forums and blogs and as a powerseller on eBay myself I am starting to tire of the endless complaints and moaning about eBay…… a simple statement followed by a simple question :


Ebay changes the rules - they can it is their playing field.


If you don’t like playing on their field why don’t you leave?

Win 10,000 Entrecard Points courtesy of John Chow

I have been looking at ways of promoting my blog as I have finally decided that I will put the time it requires into running it and I have recently been looking at Entrecard. After a little research there seems to be a lot of debate as to whether the “time versus results” is worth it. Then comes along John Chow and starts a competition to win 10,000 (yes TEN THOUSAND) Entrecard points.

Entrecard points are gained by dropping your Entrecard (your website business card) on other Entercard members websites, this generally brings about a reciprocal drop back which can even lead to new readers and link backs.

The biggest benefit that I can see is that of promotion, small (or new) bloggers can gain a massive amount of exposure by advertising on huge traffic blogs like John Chow, Problogger and Shoemoney. Usually these blog mammoths charge upwards of $500, whereas Entrecard points are essentially “Internet dollars” that are gained by dropping your Entrecard and selling space on your entrecard and as such hold no monetary value. Essentially it is free advertising for a little bit of work, if like me you visit a high number of blogs then it will simply be a case of dropping your Entrecard while you are there..

How to enter, simple really…make a post about the competition on your blog and send a trackback or pingback to John Chows Blog. So here’s mine and fingers crossed for me winning the competition, even if I dont I will be utilising Entrecard and will report back on my findings

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