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Increasing Postal charge on Ebay to offset Fee Reduction Controls

Since the changes I have increased my poatage and packing charges as I am not prepared to allow Ebay to dictate and twist things so that I do not qualify for any discount.

My increased charges, although only marginal increases, ensure that I can maintain by profitability using their OWN trading model of discounts without them actually having the final say.

The added bonus is that last month I also qualified for my discount :o)

Ebay “Sell” the sellers trading model by flashing discounts and offset fees etc to encourage volume selling and then allow buyers to dictate how my business will qualify. A buyer that expects a £200 item to go standard first class and then doesn’t want to pay for it can simply scale me down and cost me money when in reality I am performing my business within Ebay’s own guidelines and providing a postal option that covers them in terms of insurance if anything goes wrong. Would they be happy with just £34 (from insurance) if things went wrong…no I dont think so.

I will continue to increase my P&P where I see necessary to ensure my profitability, lots of sellers are actually doing this so essentially by “creating a buyers marketplace” they have actually created a more expensive marketplace..

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  1. online auctions Says:

    Great attitude. You control your destiny and your business. With that sort of attitude you can make aby business successful!!


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