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Paypal Pay Later - Buy Now and Pay in 90 Days.

How about offering your Ebay buyers the option of “Buy Now and Pay in 90 Days”?

Would this help your sales?……. According to a study conducted by Northstar Research Partners commissioned by PayPal, 56 percent of PayPal users are more likely to purchase from a retail site if a PayPal deferred payment option is available.

Well as of now you can, as long as you are selling on (I presume it will get rolled out to et al later as all initiatives tend to). The service, automatically integrated into the Ebay checkout process, will allow the seller to offer flexible buying options to the buyer even if the buyer doesn’t have a Paypal account. The Paypal Pay Later service can be used on purchases between $50 and $1,500 (at the moment)

Just because the buyer doesn’t pay for 90 days doesn’t affect the seller as they get paid immediately…

Could this set you apart from the rest of the sellers in your niche?

What about using it as a tool to drive additional sales to put the purchase price into the price bracket to qualify for the 90 day payments? Add on sales heaven :o)


5 Responses to “Paypal Pay Later - Buy Now and Pay in 90 Days.”

  1. Affiliate Marketing Blog Says:

    I think its a well meant option but with the credit problems that plague this country as it is, paying later is just another bad thing to get into (for a person in debt of course).

    Affiliate Marketing Blogs last blog post..Do Classified Ads Work for Affiliate Marketing?


    Mike reply on June 4, 2008 10:16 am:

    Yeah, this could prove to be a major drawback and could simply be to much of a temptation for some.


  2. eBay Says:

    As long as eBay is offering this, we should take them up on it. If someone doesn’t pay then it is no problem for us. I like this idea very much.


  3. paypal bingo Says:

    I don’t know about pay-pal pay later, but I know of a easy way to help build credit. You can go to a local furniture store or rent a center type place and buy a piece of furniture or some kind of electronics and pay on it. That will build credit. At least it used to. I haven’t had to worry about that in years. There are also credit cards for people with bad or no credit. The interest charges are big and the limits are low, but if you pay on time, it will build credit. Good luck on it, just be careful.


  4. John Lewis Says:

    I really enjoy blogs like this, since I am a blog addict I will visit again soon.


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