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Feedback - The Image that Says the Time that Sellers Were Dreading is Upon Us.

The majority of sellers will have noticed that their feedback scores have changed now that multiple purchases count towards their scores, however unless you are buying from EBay to you probably have not seen the below image :

Do we hear the community groan?
Will we see the feedback issues rear their ugly heads like most sellers feared?
Have Ebay basically said, do what you want to with feedback nothing will come back on you?

I guess only time will tell….

6 Responses to “Feedback - The Image that Says the Time that Sellers Were Dreading is Upon Us.”

  1. Barbara Ling Says:

    I think eBay will HAVE to amend this policy in the future - the potential for abuse is so great.

    Data points,


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    Mike reply on May 16, 2008 6:27 pm:

    Personally I dont think they will amend it, utilising the removal (retrospectively) of those reported and found guilty of abuse will eliminate the need to have the feature.

    Also teh time delay invoked between end of auction and actually being able to leave feedback should allow most reasonable buyers to be dealt with appropriately.

    The idiots will eventually get dealt with and actioned retrospectively to all sellers, obvious issues with DSR discounts do come into play which only time will tell if they are addressed.


  2. Your Auction News Says:

    I agree with Barbara. The potential for abuse is great.

    What is stopping a competitor from signing up with a bogus eBay account and leaving negative feedback for their competitors?

    I hope this really does not happen. But I’m sure it does.

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    Mike reply on May 16, 2008 8:43 pm:

    Once the account is “rumbled” though the feedback will be retrospectively removed, short term the impact could show but any true ebayer is savvy enough to realise a spam account I would think. Then again there are some, shall we say, ebayers that leave a lot to the imagination!!


  3. Cliff Aliperti Says:

    It’s like the sheriff rode into town and took away half of the towns guns. Okay, they disarmed a lot of white hats to get a few black, but now they’ve turned to the angry group with the guns and are poking them with a stick.

    Plain English, I’m fine with the feedback changes, but please eBay, let’s not rile up the buyers for no good reason!


    Mike reply on May 16, 2008 9:42 pm:

    It can be seen as a ‘red rag to a bull’, personally would have preferred them not to flag it up so blatantly.


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