Online Auction Trader

Online Auctions are a great place to have some fun, buy/sell and make money as you do.

I am totally addicted to making money from the Online Auction scene

This blog is a place where I can share my learnings and also rant, rave and praise all aspects of the auction scene.

Auction Philosophies

Buy your product, add value and sell for a profit.

Sell in a professional manner using all the tools available.

Think outside the box and make your money.

I’m Sick of Ebay Complainers

As a regular around the eBay forums and blogs and as a powerseller on eBay myself I am starting to tire of the endless complaints and moaning about eBay…… a simple statement followed by a simple question :


Ebay changes the rules - they can it is their playing field.


If you don’t like playing on their field why don’t you leave?

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