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Ebay Removing Mutual Feedback Withdrawel Option

As part of the move to increase the effectiveness of the buyer/seller process eBay is removing Mutual Feedback Withdrawal.This is a global eBay site-wide initiative which will start to roll-out in May, 2008.

Key dates are:

5/12 Australia
5/15 UK, Ireland
5/19 US, Canada, Canada.FR
5/20 France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium.FR, Belgium.NL
5/21 HongKong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Phillipines
5/22 Germany, Austria, Switzerland

What are your thoughts?

11 Responses to “Ebay Removing Mutual Feedback Withdrawel Option”

  1. WSF LinkBack Says:

    […] feedback changes already in place the mutual removal feedback option is being removed to, I just blogged about it….. […]

  2. mark Says:

    WHAT !, where is the sence in that.

    so ok i make a mistake (i know hard to do) but i leave a neg or neautrill for someone, and then they finaly pull there finger out and sort out what ever is wrong, then i decide ok, i will let them off this time, now i can’t.

    this just stinks. ok there are other changes coming that will alow us to file for removal of “unjustified” feedback,

    OK so what if say a buyer does not comunicate, and negs me, because there is a problem (but does not tell me first (this happens a lot)
    then from the neg i sort the problem i did not know was there before hand.
    and then they say ok, will remove the neg, as it was left in hast sorry..

    now they can’t !

    this stinks !



    Mike reply on May 8, 2008 4:23 pm:

    There is going to be a “time frame” in which it isn’t possible to leave feedback to allow sellers/buyers to communicate and solve the issue. after that any feedback left can be argued to be just…can it not?


  3. The Wholesale Forums -PingBack Says:

    […] feedback changes already in place the mutual removal feedback option is being removed to, I just blogged about it….. […]

  4. You Auction News Says:

    All I can say is WOW! I knew they were going to stop the seller of leaving negative feedback. I didn’t know they were going to take away the Mutual Feedback Remove.

    I agree with the other people. This is a feature they should not take away due to being able to correct a problem. I have used this feature several times. A feel it was a great addition when it was introduced.

    I understand that eBay will now wait some time before a negative feedback will be posted. I guess they feel that time gap is enough time for the buyer and seller to correct any disputes.

    Boy it seems eBay has been changing something every month. I’m scared and excited to see what they are planning in their mad scientist lab…

    You Auction News’s last blog post..Don’t get scammed selling on eBay


    Mike reply on May 8, 2008 4:22 pm:

    I’m a little on the fence about this one, I can see the time frame will allow for disputes to be resolved but my concern is there is no real provision (at this stage) for those new users that leave negative feedback in error….particularly now that a negative can have such an impact on a sellers DSR’s etc etc


  5. Making Money On E Bay Says:

    I was researching the same thing when I saw this.. I can not agree more - but I am still going to look for a better source


  6. Brian Says:

    Ebay are getting too big for their boots and totally out of touch. It’s mainly professional sellers who need protection from idiot buyers. It’s not sellers who bid and then not pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mike reply on May 15, 2008 5:55 pm:

    I think they realise this although it will take a while to fully adjust their systems, the recent changes do seem to be trying to make it a better buying experience presumably to increase buyers.

    Also the changes to seller benefits seem to be geared to focusing sellers ‘business practices’, do they not?

    Not 100% sure the implementation is the best though on Ebay’s behalf..


  7. Barbara Ling Says:

    Interesting. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay and so have never had to deal with negs and the like. I’ll bet eBay will modify it for the future…..

    Barbara Ling’s last blog post..RANT - What the eBay Affiliate Program is Missing Part 2 - Parallel Universe Shipping!


    Mike reply on May 27, 2008 7:23 am:

    Seems that a 100% feedback is becoming a rarer thing when you read the powerseller boards over at Ebay….


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