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Have you Stopped using Ebay?

A real simple post this one, I am looking to see what is actually happening with real Ebay users with everything that is going on at Ebay. So a few simple questions for you all?

Why have you stopped using Ebay?

What would tempt you back to Ebay?

Has leaving Ebay harmed your Online Income?

3 Responses to “Have you Stopped using Ebay?”

  1. mark Says:

    i have recently sold up all my stok, i was thinking of changing lines, but at the moment i am in two minds if i should go for a more proffitable job instead of ebay,

    i was selling dvd’s but with recent and due changes i have found im affected quite a bit, people leaving 3 stars for a good service that is nither outstanding or bad are killing off my discount.

    fees on dvd’s have not changed recently, altho the fee for adding a gallary pic which was free for a long time recently came back into operation so straight off i was hit with 15p a dvd extra to list.

    in answer to your three questions…

    Why have you stopped using Ebay?
    fees, if it was free to list, and i was charged just a FVF (even i higher one) then that would help

    What would tempt you back to Ebay?
    same as above, lowwer or free insertion fees, with free galary as standard would be a start, then a lot more controll over negative feedback, as it stands now, isf someone buys a used dvd and there not happy they contact me and get a refund, no problem, but i can see more negs being thrown out, with not a lot sellers who are honest can do.

    Has leaving Ebay harmed your Online Income?
    yes, it was my only online incom, altho i am thinking of goning back to my old job, which will make me more moey for less time than ebay does at the moment.

    all the best all,



  2. RubiaLala Says:

    I don’t know what involves “everything that is going on at Ebay” - I still use it and I am happy with it. Should I not be using it?

    RubiaLala’s last blog post..MIL E-Mail


    Mike reply on May 5, 2008 10:55 pm:

    You should use whatever tool you find best to make money, EBay offers a huge marketplace for little investment and as such if utilised correctly can be a great place to trade.


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