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Ebay Sellers Resources from Ebay Research Labs

We all know that targeting the buyers on Ebay is a key factor in the success of any auction, Ebay research labs have a couple of pages that can help all Ebayers out in there quest for increased sales.

Firstly BayEstimate

This handy little tool allows you to fine tune your keyword selections so as to maximise your listing viewings by targeting the widest audience possible whilst NOT keyword spamming by optimising it against a number of search queries. The tool also provides a desirability rating for the keywords you use and also then suggests other keywords that can be utilised to increase your listings exposure and even suggests the correct category to list in based on search queries.

This tool can be used by new ebayers and experienced ebayers alike, the more experienced ebayers may think it is a waste of their time but try it out and some of the simplest keywords it suggests can increase your exposure by a lot.

For Example lets look at selling a Nokia N95 Mobile Phone, most new ebayers would simply use the title Nokia N95 Mobile Phone, however using the tool the title can be optimised for the most desirable search terms to UNLOCKED NEW BLACK NOKIA N95 8GB MOBILE PHONE. You have got to agree that is by far a more targeted title that should increase exposure and end in a higher selling price. This obviously is a fairly simple example but more complicated products can also benefit from its use.

Secondly EbaySaurus

Think as this as the Ebay thesaurus, simply enter any phrase and see what else is being used, simply click on the nodes to expand them and see what else is being used by drilling down. Also features current trend data and also features auctions currently on Ebay as examples based on the drilled terms.

A couple of tools that could prove quite useful, hopefully being developed with a better user interface..

3 Responses to “Ebay Sellers Resources from Ebay Research Labs”

  1. Adam Booth Says:

    With the advent of the best match search engine on Ebay it is becoming more and more important to fine tune your titles to ensure that you reach the top of the listings.

    This has encroached slightly on Ebay’s own vision of Keyword Spamming as most titles will gain extra weighting in best match by including the word new more than once. ie. Nintendo wii new new new.

    However, the research lab tool does utilise ebay’s own vast collection of data and if utilised properly can seriously raise your exposure levels. I am just getting into using this tool and so far I have been in the research phase but am looking forward to returning some great results.


    Mike reply on April 24, 2008 1:32 pm:

    I must admit I really like this tool and if used correctly can certainly improve your listing views and sales


  2. The Wholesale Forums Says:

    […] Regarding the search positioning, the new best match process can be a right pain however there is a free eBay title tool that can be used to optimise your titles, even simple things like adding the word "New" […]

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