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Six Easy Steps to Save Money on Ebay Fees

Although I personally think that the fees on Ebay are acceptable I do always strive to reduce these as much as possible, I also get a number of emails a day asking me about any tips that I have reduce fees. Since I tend to always reply in the same manner I thought it would be good to have a post on here that I can reference and also allow my readers to suggest others that I may have not included but that can be useful to the readership.

So here goes:

1. Never ever use EBay’s own image hosting, you are paying for a service that you do not need to. This also allows you to display the images within the listings also, so as to highlight the point in question rather than having to direct the potential buyer to the bottom of the listing. Remember buyers want the process to be as easy as possible.

2. Always take advantage of EBay’s promotions, they regularly offer fee promotions such as 5p listing days, free gallery listings and even free listing days. Obviously the more you list the better because you are going to pay less than you would on a normal listing, there is also a school of thought that suggests that this is a bad move because of the increased number of listings that appear on Ebay as everyone takes advantage. This is simply not true, plan it correctly and even if they do not sell then you can always take advantage of point three…

3. If (or when if you have planned it this way) your item doesn’t sell then always use the re-list option through Ebay, when the item does sell then Ebay will simply refund this new relisting fee. Don’t be scared here, if you are planning on listing 1000 items in a month and you have a fee promotion then simply list them all immediately to take advantage and then simply relist the non sellers as and when you require. You are even allowed to edit the new re-listed item and change categories and listing options, a very powerful advantage if used correctly. Check out Ebays Free Relist Policy

4. Always pay attention to the Ebay pricing tiers when determining your starting price, a simple drop in starting price from £30.00 to £29.99 for example will reduce your listing fees by 50p. Check out Ebays Insertion Fees

5. Focus on volume to reduce your Final Value Fees (Fvf), selling 100 items a month will attract a 20% discount in Fvfs which combined with achieving Powerseller status could actually lead to a 40% reduction in Fvfs as your volumes grow. Check out Ebays High Volume Seller Discounts

6. Whenever you get a non-completed trade always, always close it via the Ebay Dispute Console, this will ensure that you get your Fvfs refunded correctly and also utilise the re-list fee return option detailed above.

One Response to “Six Easy Steps to Save Money on Ebay Fees”

  1. MandyMoo Says:

    As an avid ebayer for the last few months I stumbled across this post and it has really helped me to look at what I am actually doing in terms of Ebay Fees, the Fee promotion tip alone has really opened my eyes and I am looking forward to having a go.

    I have also “stumbled” this post on StumbleUpon so hopefully that will also help others. Thanks once again and keep the tips coming.


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