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Online Auctions are a great place to have some fun, buy/sell and make money as you do.

I am totally addicted to making money from the Online Auction scene

This blog is a place where I can share my learnings and also rant, rave and praise all aspects of the auction scene.

Auction Philosophies

Buy your product, add value and sell for a profit.

Sell in a professional manner using all the tools available.

Think outside the box and make your money.

Bloggers make the Blogging World Go Round - CommentLuv

As this blog grows so will the comments that it receives on its posts and in order to reward my readers I have decided to install the CommentLuv plugin, this places a link to their last post under their comment automatically!

The CommentLuv Wordpress Plugin will visit the feed of the comment author and attempt to scrape the last post they made and display it under their comment, this way I will be able give something back straight away to those that choose to help me develop my Ebay Blog.

Give it a go and see what you think, I also have the dofollow tag enabled which will help in the passing of PageRank etc.

If you like the plug-in and want to install it yourself, it can be found here:

Personally I love the idea and will be implementing on ALL my blogs going forward.

4 Responses to “Bloggers make the Blogging World Go Round - CommentLuv”

  1. Marnie Says:

    CommentLuv is fantastic. I also like KeywordLuv as well!

    Marnies last blog post..Review: Acai Noni Slimming Blend Superfood Body Cleanse


  2. Annie Maloney Says:

    Just wanted to see how this commentLuv thing works.

    Annie Maloneys last blog post..Real Estate Foreclosures in Sevierville, TN | Short Sales


  3. Melvin Says:

    CommentLuv do bring me to your site.. interesting plugin… will get one for my blog hehe..But will it attract more spammer to your blog?

    Melvins last blog post..From Drab to Fabulous


  4. Kerry Says:

    I really liked your blog!


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