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Ebay Boycott - 20 cents Tactical Promotion may Null the effects

After the recent announcements by Ebay on fee changes and feedback changes there has been uproar across the many Ebay Forums and blogs, including a planned boycott that started today 18th February. In the light of this uproar Ebay rolled out a one-day special that cut all fees to list items for sale to just 20 cents in its media sections - saving vendors as much as $4.60 an item of heavily featured lines.

Its effect:

Ebay’s listings boosted 25 percent, to 16 million, by one online count. The increased listing will remain in position for up to 10 days making the impact of the boycott very hard to quantify, if not simply killing it before it had started.

Put simply, all it took was an offer of 20 cents to make the boycott go away.

4 Responses to “Ebay Boycott - 20 cents Tactical Promotion may Null the effects”

  1. 20c kills the Ebay Boycott - The Wholesale Forums Says:

    […] Ebay Blog regarding the Ebay Boycott and how a 20c promotion may have effectively killed it…read Ebay Boycott Ruined __________________ Products to Sell on Ebay : Ebay Forum : Start Up Capital : Dropshippers : […]

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