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An old Postal Scam starting to Re-Appear

I am starting to receive a number of emails from my ebay forum members about a re-occurrence of an old postal scam trick. The trick is simple really, you win your item in the usual way and pay your money and wait for the product to arrive. When you get your package (usually very quickly) you actually receive an empty jiffy envelope that has been sealed and then sliced along the top.

Naturally you speak to the seller and they state that they sent the item in good faith and as stated in their auctions unless you took out insurance there is not a lot that they can do. They then offer to send the item again (as they have a few of them!!) if you pay again, this time you will actually receive the item. What is actually happening is that they are aiming to get paid twice for the same item and even if you take out the postal insurance they then claim and get paid for it as they have your original payment and they give you the insurance claim money.

You will be surprised at how many people are actually falling for these type of scams, in particular the areas that are being reported to me at the moment are that of DVD’s and Video Games (for obvious reasons….high cost and easy jiffy packaging).

My only real advice is to carefully read the feedback that sellers have, again it is really surprising how many people buy of ‘rouge’ sellers with terrible feedback because they are selling for a few bucks/pounds less than the reputable seller, and to ALWAYS take the insurance option as it generally isn’t much more as this will safeguard your payments.

Personally I would rather pay a few bucks/pounds more and be confident that I was going to get my goods….

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    Ebay Postal Scam Highlighted

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