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91 Things to Sell on Ebay

This is a FREE e-book that I stumbled across on my travels around the net, it is primarily aimed at the US market but can give some indication of the more “Niche” areas within the Ebay universe where it is still possible to make good money. If you are from the UK do not expect it to give you THE product of your dreams but with a little bit of application and thinking outside the box it can lead you in some profitable directions.

For example, one of the ideas is 8 Track Players….where the hell do I get them from is probably your first thought (it was mine). However, as I read on it seemed that those in older American cars attracted good money on the US site so I did a little bit of digging in my local area papers/internet and came across a breakers yard that had a old Camaro 8 Track Radio for sale. Guess what it cost me? £15, as soon as I got home it went straight onto Ebay US and it is currently going for $73.65 with 4 days left (that also includes the fact that I am selling it as seen as I cant test it!).

Now this sale alone will not make me rich but it has opened my mind up to some more possibilities, I am now doing more research into this area (plus others) and detailing the more sought after models and then the hunt begins. When I say hunt it makes it sound like I am going to be spending hours and hours looking but I simply am not, I have simply sent emails to breakers yards and also phoned the ones without net access stating my interest and they will simply get back to me as when anything comes in.

I do not expect a barrage of stock but one of the side benefits of this is that I have also fielded an email from an Ebay member (in the UK) who is after a certain model and is willing to pay top dollar (parden the pun) if I can get hold of it, also some simply furthur research has also indicated a market for American Car Badges (here and US) which I am about to enter into…

Like I mentioned before the e-book is FREE, it just simply requires you to submit your email (simply use a throw away one) but I have left an active one as no doubt the author will be producing some other material and I would like to take a look as and when he does. Again the choice is yours but if you are interested then you can get the e-book here —-> 91 Things to Sell on Ebay

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  1. Jack Says:


    Nice article, thanks ;)…

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  3. Daniel Says:

    I read similar article also named   91 Things to Sell on Ebay, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me


  4. Jimmy Says:

    I could not believe I missed it! I’ll need to check some external resources regarding this topic.


  5. taobao Says:

    Oh..That’s great help! Thanks!


  6. build an online shop Says:

    There is a great source at - log in there and check out the shops section. You can browse shop categories and see how many sales a particular online shop has made. Its a great resource.


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