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Online Auctions are a great place to have some fun, buy/sell and make money as you do.

I am totally addicted to making money from the Online Auction scene

This blog is a place where I can share my learnings and also rant, rave and praise all aspects of the auction scene.

Auction Philosophies

Buy your product, add value and sell for a profit.

Sell in a professional manner using all the tools available.

Think outside the box and make your money.

Search Engine Optimisation - Using Ebay to Drive Traffic

More and more people are realising that Ebay is not only a marketplace to sell and buy products but also an extremely valuable source of traffic to your own website, the thing is like any business entity Ebay realises this and has various measures in place to prevent an abuse of this.

The purpose of this article is to clear up what you can and cannot do, thus staying within Ebays own guidelines and keeping your Ebay account intact. So what does Ebay consider to be a link:

A link is any mechanism used to take you off the eBay site, whether static or clickable. This applies to any format used for a link that includes, but is not limited to, text, images, logos or icons.

When designing your auction listing you need to be aware that Ebay policy allows your listing to contain,

“…text descriptions, graphics, pictures and other content relevant to the sale of that item.”

What this means is that the listing must be solely for the purpose of selling the item, and not for general business advertisements. Now reading this you would think that they have completely closed the door but they have in fact still left you with plenty of options, what you need to realise that these cannot be direct solicitations to sell outside of the Ebay marketplace. So what exactly can you link to from your auction listings, well you are allowed to:

Read the full article: Ebay Linking

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