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Google Search Engine Tips and Tricks

Google is undoubtable the largest and most popular of the search engines at the moment and as such is a main focus for all web site owners to make sure that they are not only indexed in Google but they rank highly for their particular key words. Ranking well will ensure that you have a good presence on the internet and that your site appears regularly in peoples searches and hence help drive traffic to your site.

I have listed some tips and tricks that you can use in the google search engine to help determine what Google sees as important related to a particular URL and that will help you to develop your own web site furthur.

It is important to note that the two biggest factors to be concerned with are :

1. Web Site Content

2. Web Site Linking Strategies

A lot of people focus on driving their Page Rank (PR) rating up but I would encourage you not to focus on the PR of your site but to concentrate on the content and the links that you have to your web site and then let the PR look after itself.

My Tips Are :

Type the following prefixes into Google (also works in other search engines) and then use the results to allow you to focus your own web site development strategy :

link:url - Shows other pages with links to that url.

related:url - Same as "what's related" on serps.

site:domain - Restricts search results to the given domain.

allinurl: - Shows only pages with all terms in the url.

cache:url - Will show the Google version of the passed url.

info:url - Will show a page containing links to related searches, backlinks, and pages containing the url. This is the same as typing the url into the search box.

spell: - Will spell check your query and search for it.

allintext: - Searches only within text of pages, but not in the links or page title

allinlinks: - Searches only within links, not text or title

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