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What Sells on Ebay - or What I HAVE sold!

I have been actively selling on Ebay since near the beginning when the site was launched and I have been an Ebay Powerseller for years. Most people assume that in order to make money on Ebay you have to sell one particular product that you buy in bulk cheaply and sell on in volume for profit. This is a valid practice and is how I operate one of my accounts but I also have another Ebay account that has Ebay Powerseller status but I sell absolutely anything that I can get my hands on. This was my original account that I launched onto Ebay and I have maintained this so as not to get mixed up with my main Ebay account, it is also fun seeing what you can actually sell on Ebay...you may be surprised.

I still operate this account as I do my main account. I always make sure that the title is accurate and keyword specific, I use a template to include multiple pictures (nothing complicated just like my Free Ebay templates ), I always use auction format as its more fun that way, I include a full detailed description and I charge correct postage which includes a cover for my packing materials. Why do I still do this? Well firstly it is a bit of fun that makes me some money and secondly this was the idea that Ebay was originally based upon and it seems a shame that so many of the listings on Ebay no longer work like that..

What I have decided to do with this page is to detail the items I have sold so that you will be able to see that there is no limit to what sells on Ebay, I will not however disclose my account details as unfortunately there are the fools that decide to ruin it for other people and this is a recipe for attracting these people and my account, while a bit of fun, still returns me a good profit and as such I want to keep it. I will structure my reports as follows:

1. Where I got it from.
2. What I paid for it.
3. What if anything I did to the product.
4. How much it sold for.
5. A look at the current Ebay Marketplace for that product.

Each link below will take you to a page which details the product, as outlined above. You never know you may take inspiration form these pages and make the first step to becoming an Ebay Powerseller yourself..







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