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HTML Tips for Ebay Listings

Here are some great HTML code snippets that you can use for your eBay listings. Use them in conjunction with the FREE Templates and you start to very easily produce some 'stand out' eBay listings. I will be adding to this section, it will soon become THE eBay HTML reference page.

Check out the Quick Reference HTML Colour Chart

Some Simple Scrolling Text Tricks
(The code beneath the Text Trick is what you need to copy to get the same effect.)
Your Text Here <marquee>Your Text Here</marquee>
Your Text Here <marquee direction=right>MARQUEE</marquee>
Your Text Here <marquee behavior=alternate>MARQUEE</marquee>
The same effect but using Images instead of Text
<marquee><img src=http:// URL of your Image ></marquee>marquee>

<marquee direction=right width=40%><img src=http:// Image One URL ></marquee> <marquee width=40%><img src=http:// Image Two URL ></marquee>

Some Simple Picture/Text Formatting

The code beneath the example is what you need to copy to get the same effect.

You can then type all the text that you want next to the image and it will continue to wrap around the image and will eventually move underneath the image when it gets to the bottom.

<img border="0" align="Left" src="http:// Image URL "> Your Text

To put the picture to the right just type Right into the Align field.

Can be very easily reduced in size using simple height and width tags.

To turn the original into the smaller image on the right use this :

<img src="http://Image URL " WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="55" BORDER="0">

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