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HTML Colour Hex Codes Table

There are numerous different colours that can be used on any web page and in the code section these are represented using 'hex codes'. Now like me you will probably find it almost impossible to remember a few of these codes let alone all of them!

Below you will find a guide to the colours and their associatted 'hex codes'.

The Browser-Safe or Non Dithering Palette only contains 216 colors out of a possible 256. That is because the remaining 40 colors vary on Macs and PCs. By eliminating the 40 variable colors, this palette is optimized for cross-platform use. This ensures complete web site standardisation across all platforms.

html color guide

I would stick to the non-dithering colours as they are by far the easiest to read on a web page (depending on the background they are on of course).

When using colour try to keep it in line with the theme of your web page and do not go mad as to much colour will drive your vistors 'eye mad' and they will not return.

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