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Motivating Buyers is the Key to Effective Sales Copy

Effective sales copy, as we all know, is the factor that can mean the difference between a sale and no sale. One of the biggest mistakes when people are writing any sales copy is that they do not aim to ‘motivate the buyer to buy'; motivating your buyers must be considered the holy grail of sales copy as when done successfully it will increase your sales and your conversion rates which in turn means an increase in profitability for your business.

When writing your sales copy, try not to focus on what the buyer needs but more onto what the buyer wants, sure this goes away from the more traditional approach to sales copy however the marketplace has changed massively from when focusing on buyer needs was relevant and unless you move with the times your business will suffer.

For example, people buy what they crave as opposed to what they want. It is quite common to see people that are pretty much totally financially committed on a monthly basis buying a new LCD television, obviously this isn't a need and is a want and is how you need to factor your sales copy. Make them crave your product and they will find the means to buy it.

The key to successfully motivating your buyers is to accurately identify your target and also to establish what ‘want' you are solving with your product, once this is established then your sales copy will become focused on the want and make a proposition that is impossible to ignore thus increasing conversion and sales rates.

Each product market is different and as such is hard to put a generalised focus list together so I have used a couple of examples to highlight the difference between needs and wants so that you can tweak your copy to maximise your sales

Apple's iPod

The basic need can be identified as: the buyer needs an mp3 player so that they can listen to their music. Now there are many manufacturers of mp3 players, some better and some cheaper than the iPod however consumer wants take over and people aim specifically for the iPod because they want the status that goes with it as it is generally considered THE mp3 player to have and as such you would want to promote the ‘exclusivity' of it. You would also need to focus on current events to maximise the status appeal, for example, currently the world cup is going on and pictures of the players relaxing with their iPods are everywhere so factor this into your sales copy to take advantage of a marketplace that wants to “look like their hero's”

Mercedes Benz

The basic need is that people need a car to get to/from work and as everyday transport. However, this isn't the reason that people buy Mercedes because there are cars available that can do just as good a daily job for a lot less money. They buy a Mercedes because they WANT one, they want all the gadgets they get, they WANT the status and they WANT the pleasure that they associate with owning a Mercedes. Not many Mercedes adverts focus on the fuel economy because that is not their market, they know what their market wants and target it towards that and do so very successfully.

The key to it then is researching your target customers and marketplace and identifying the human wants to focus your sales copy onto, a basic list of features is not enough in today's marketplace and all businesses are having to learn to become creative and want focused in order to maximise their sales. So spend a little more time focusing your sales copy and the benefits can soon outweigh any additional costs, what would it mean to your bottom line if you increased your sales conversion from 20% to 50% or higher?

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