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Using FTP to Upload to Ebay

In order for your pictures to be pulled into your listings they have to be uploaded into your domain space.

This is also a VERY SIMPLE TASK.

The answer is FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Again a lot of people panic when they see names like this but DONT as all it is is a piece of software that is used to transfer your images from your PC to your domain space.

Its as simple as using File Manager on your PC.

Again you can pay for these programs but there are also a multitude of FREE FTP PACKAGES on download.com and also a simple search on Google will bring up hundreds of options. The one you choose is completely up to your own personal preferences, some options are highlighted below

Each FTP Package operates its own menu system so I cannot give exact details of how each operates although any issues can be addressed in the FORUM.

The common three pieces of information that you will need are :

Website URL.....


Domain Username.....


Domain Password.....


Once these are entered the software logs onto your domain and then its the same as File Manager, open the place you want your images to go and drag and drop from your PC directory to your server directory.

Easy isn't it!

Ensure that you know exactly the path to your images as this is what you will enter into your template to tell eBay where to get your image from.

For example,


Also remember that these locations are CASE SENSITIVE, so using the above example if you typed :


It would return the missing image symbol on your listings, which doesn't make you look very professional at all.

The simple way to test that everything is correct is to just type the URL into your browser, if the image appears then everything is correct. If not you have some errors that need to be addressed before you submit your eBay listing.

Recheck everything you have done and if you still have issues then ask for help on the Forum.

Now you are ready to :

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Make your listings STAND OUT FROM THE REST


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