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Make the most of eBay's vast traffic

eBay as you are aware has massive traffic volumes passing through its site every single day, the key is to think about ways of turning these viewers into sales opportunities. How you may ask...

Your About Me Page! - its as simple as that

eBay doesn't allow you to put active links in your listings that promote other websites but does allow them in your About Me Page and this is the key to utilising, and profiting from, the volume of traffic.

This technique I am describing is only a simple way of utilising the eBay traffic volumes to make money, a book that I have bought myself and recommend reading is Jim Cockrum's - The Silent Sales Machine on eBay. This ebook is an invaluable read and is well worth a read.

A key to getting people to goto your about me page is to offer them something for free, a great way of getting 'the free things to give away' is from sources like The Academy. This is a source that I joined for a very small fee and I regularly give these things away to entice people to my other products.

One of the best ways I have found is to use ebooks that can be rebranded with your own links so that when the customer reads the book and clicks the links they are taken to your sales pages and they BUY from YOU.

It really is simple, all you do is :

Rebrand the ebook, load it up to your webspace, place the code into your listing and about me page and then let the sheer volume of traffic combined with our human nature to get things for free generate you an extra income stream.

I will GIVE YOU the code I use on my listings the entice the viewers to my about me page, the text and giveaway are just examples and all you need to do is change the red text to your own username and then paste the code into your template(as HTML) and change the wording and away you go.

<P><h1><a href="http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/your..ebay..id/"> Thank you for taking the time to view my auction, as a gift to you please go to my About Me Page to get FREE auction templates to make your own auctions stand out and look professional. </a></h1><P>

You need to ensure that your About Me page is then also modified to include the links to the download that you are giving away so that the viewers can then easily download the freebie that you promised.

Also remember to include a link to your website on your about me page, if the viewer doesn't know about your site how can they visit it?


This again is not difficult, just use one of our free templates and then include your own links and graphics to represent you, your website and the download that you are giving away.

As I said before I recommend that you get a copy of Jim Cockrum's Book as this is only the tip of the iceberg and a simplified version of the techniques that he describes

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