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There are literally hundreds of the same items listed on Ebay and in order to make yours stand out it is advisable to use a selling template that not only allows you to list fully the items particulars but also one that flows well and suits your product. We have compiled a number of free ebay templates that you can use to enhance your ebay listings.

These templates are shown below, please click the image or the text link to be taken to the code page that will give you the HTML to copy into Ebay. All pictures and text are used for illustration purposes and can be fully modified to suit your needs.

All our templates can be used on all auction sites that allow HTML, please leave our return link in at the bottom of the template. This link back conforms to all Ebay terms and conditions fully.

Any comments and template requests (again free) then please visit our Ebay Forum.

The Ebay templates we provide are all listed below, please follow the link to see a full screen version of the Ebay template itself. At the bottom of the template example page is a link to the HTML code that you require to place the template into your auction listings.

Basic Ebay templates, Multiple Images and Comments
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