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Protect your eBay Pictures from the eBay picture Thieves.

Move your mouse pointer over the image to see how it is protected

This is the code you require
<a href="javascript:void(0)" onMouseOver="document. protect.src=' http://your replacement image URL '" onMouseOut="document. protect.src=' http://your original image URL '"> <img src=" http://your original image URL " border=0 name=" protect"></a>

This can be done for any number of images but every mouseover must be named different, notice the 'protect' in the above example that is the name I have given the mouseover, the next could be called 'protect2' and so on.

One of the biggest issues that you find on eBay is that when an item you wish to sell gets popular the copy cats and the scammers come out the woodwork, particularly on high value items, and they obviously need an image to promote thier auctions...

What do they do?......


Some people use image software to type thier user name or company name over it, but a determined copier can get round this with even the simplest of photo editing tools.

Well its time to stop them from doing so, use the above code whenever you put a picture into eBay and they will be unable to copy your images as they will only get the replacement image. As mentioned this only works for additional images added to eBay via HTML, I now use a generic company logo as my free picture on eBay for copy sensitive auctions and use the code above to then protect the item images in the listing itself.

There is also a way to protect your whole page from right click copiers, it is not as safe as the above but will deter the majority of copiers out there.

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