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Ebay Pictures - Improve Your Selling Prices Massively

When setting up your listings NEVER EVER find an auction with an item similar to yours and copy their eBay picture. This completely goes against the principle of using pictures to make your item sell as it will not be your item in the listing.

More often than not there is only one picture and you will lose your competitive advantage if you do not use multiple pictures!

You will also be misrepresenting your item's condition and may even get into the realms of copyright law.

The Picture Itself!

Retail is Detail, this analogy applies 100% to eBay pictures, the greater the detail the more accurate the description/picture and the more trustworthy the seller. This in turn equals


Your eBay picture should be clear, well-lit, and have a contrasting background (I prefer to use a white background where possible). How many auctions have you seen with a worthless picture? Listing an item with a poor picture is worse than having no picture at all.

It's like meeting someone for the first time,


There are a number of ways in which a picture of your item can be taken, the three most popular are Webcam, Digital Camera and Scanner. Scanners are very good for flat objects but lose thier value after that. My recommendations are Webcams/Digital Cameras with digital cameras being the best option, the prices of these have dropped massively recently and they can be picked up cheaply on our good friend eBay.

The majority of these come with picture editing software which is ideal as you will have to make sure that they are saved in a GIF or JPEG format. All of the editing software provide the option to save into these formats, which is good as these are the only formats that eBay accept.

Once you have taken the picture and have it on your computer you still have another stage to complete. You DO NOT want your images file size to be to large, the larger the file size the longer that it will take to download. This is a major factor that cause viewers simply to close down the window and go look at another auction!

Put simply you need to optimise your images.

The imaging software you received with your camera may have this function and the higher end graphic packages definately have this functionality. Otherwise just log onto Download.com and search for image tools as there are a multitude of FREE programs on there.

I personally use Paint Shop Pro as it has probably one of the best optimisation tools out there, if you are interested in this product then try Amazon.

How do I optimise?

Its easy, reduce the size of the image and reduce the number of colours it uses. All packages do this in different ways so you will have to read the instructions or ask on the forum and the answer will be given. The two pictures below are identical however, the one on the right has been optimised..


Unoptimised Image - Size 12k
Optimised Image - Size 5k
The next stage is to upload your pictures to your webspace, the Picture Perfect Upload Tutorial can be found HERE

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