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The first step to getting an online income through the auctions is to join and get an account, this is very easy, eBay is by far the busiest site so if you are not already a member then click the graphic to join. (ITS FREE)

If you are already a member then just keep reading for your image saving guide..

You have seen the impact that pictures can have on your listing and now in this simple FREE tutorial I am going to show you how to cut down your photo fees to a fraction of what they are, or potentially could be.

The simple answer is HTML!

Lots of people shy away from this word as they assume that it is very complicated and 'should be left to the professionals'. RUBBISH I say, ANYONE CAN put HTML into eBay listings and it will also take no more time than it would to simply type out a boring text only listing.

How? you may ask, all you need to do is have

Some very simple 'HTML Templates' that I am going to GIVE TO YOU.


Somewhere to 'host' your pictures for eBay to pick them up from.

You DO NOT need any fancy website making tools or programs because I will be giving you some FREE TEMPLATES and you can then produce your listings in Wordpad (free with windows) or any Wordprocessor that you may have.

The answer to saving money on Images is..

Image Hosting!

Your own image hosting is how you will save money on your eBay photos, its as simple as that. There are a number of ways which you can go about this, you can use one of the image storage services on the net or you can get your own domain and host your own. My advice would be to use the money that it would cost to use a net image service and get your own hosting and domain name.

With these two things in place you have the starting of the internet business that will capitalise on the eBay traffic that you will be generating from your auctions and sales, ie. you will be able to make single eBay customers into life long buyers of your products. These two things will be a cost initially, albeit a relatively small one, but you will more than make up for it in the savings on listing fees that you will make. Thats a promise!

The first thing is to register a domain name, this can be anything that you want it to be but I would recommend that it is something specific to what you want to sell as it will be useful in the future.

There are numerous companies that offer this service but I recommend 123-reg for .co.uk domains and www.GoDaddy.com for .com domains purely for thier service and value for money.

The next thing is to get yourself some hosting, again there are numerous companies offering hosting out there and the choice will be yours.

I have been looking into finding a truly reliable hosting company that offered value for money for people wanting to start their online empire up with minimal cost. This site itself is hosted with them and they provide some really great deals from £1 a month...even the £1 package runs fantastico and cpanel and allows for easy installation of shopping carts, blogs, forums etc all included in the price.

Don't think you will not get a great deal for £1 a month, you get 100mb webspace, 1500MB/Month bandwidth, 10 POP3 Accounts, 3 sub domians, 3 mySQL databases, 3 mailing lists, unlimited email forwarders and this is just some of the features you get!!!

Take a look at the service that they offer, I think you will not be disappointed: BetterWebSpace

Once these two are in place then you are ready to start saving money on your eBay listings
The next stage is to take your pictures, optimise them and upload them to your domain and then add them to the template to make your eBay listing stand out.
FREE picture perfect tutorial can be found here.

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