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Don't Get Caught Out

Welcome to my eBay, scam guide. This guide is based on not getting scammed during buying. My aim is to make you realize, the risks, when buying on eBay online auction site.

Too Good To Be True:
Ok, you registered on eBay and you want something, you browse around looking for the item at a good price, you spot it and view the auction. But, it looks too good to be true, an item that would cost much more anywhere. So, you think great, I can get that and save a lot of money, great, but as you all know, if something looks “too good to be true”, it probably is and you will be caught out on eBay, either by the seller, having sold on eBay for much longer than yourself, will know all the tricks in the book, so you cannot compete with them, read this list below to find out what too look for, please note, if the item has one or two of these, it shouldn't be that risk, but do take note!

Stock Photo – Most likely, they do not own the item so cannot take a photo, or they may not have a digital camera. Awareness 5/10.
Terribly cheap price on “buy it now” – The seller could either be trying to make his items cheap so he gets more sales, but, surely you may think “how can they afford to sell it this low”, they probably can't and don't own the item!

Low Feedback - Many new ebayers who start selling high priced items, straight away, often have been banned on their other account. Or bought cheap things such as e-Books, for cheap prices, so it looks convincing, always have a quick look what they've bought or sold. Also, take it in mind, when buying their item, it could be a scam!

Abroad eBay Users - Many people from different country's, enjoy selling to English people, as they get products, cheaper than us, so if they sell the item cheap and still make a profit, they'll be happy.
BEWARE the item may take along time, be cheap and poor quality, overcharge on postage, make you wait weeks, hidden charges, such as VAT, postal coverage and make you pay any others.
Always, check the full description of the item, before buying!

Little Description And Content - Some sellers don't put a picture and don't tell you much about the item, this could be due to the item being in very poor condition or they cannot be bothered to do anything.
This leaves you unsure what you are buying.
This could result in a poor sale, try to avoid this and if this happens and you feel you must bid, ask questions!

Hidden Charges - Before buying look at the hidden charges in the description or below in the payment section, if they do not mention, hidden fees, you DO NOT need too complete the sale, if you've read the description, you'll be safe, but many people do not and must pay it. Also, if you are from bidding from an abroad item and the postage is not mentioned, if you don't ask before the sale ends, if you win, you must pay their charge.

Read The Description Before Bidding – Many eBay users get caught out here, they bid on a very high priced object to find out they bid on something like the box for the item or they paid a ridicules, price for a link where they sell the item cheap, but will most likely just take your money.
Also, it won't just directly sell them at that price, there WILL, be a catch, I can assure that, such as a raffle, or you must buy a certain amount etc.
I advise to read the description before bidding!

Feedback – When buying an item, check the feedback score, bad feedback means they've most likely messed up a sale before, this leaves a slight chance they will scam you. Check the feedback before bidding!

Thanks for reading my guide, keep safe on eBay and enjoy the process, safely!

Article curtosy of Forum member PC Paul

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