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101 Ebay Tips - Ebay Sellers Bible Part 3

41. Post Office Box

Rather than use your home address, rent a mailbox at your local post office. This maintains the security of your home address while ensuring that everything comes and goes out of one place. These boxes are very inexpensive and well worth the small investment.

42. eBay Canada

When you get ready to sell items on eBay, consider signing up for eBay.ca (Canada). The Canada site is not as large as the US version of eBay so there are considerably fewer listings, which means that you have a greater chance of selling your item(s) since there is less competition.

43. Excluded Items

Although eBay accepts just about every type of item, there are a few exclusions such as explosions, corrosive material, etc. Before you go through the entire process of listing your item(s), make sure you are not listing something forbidden by checking out the do's and don'ts listed on eBay.

44. Category Guide

Use eBay's Category Guide, which is a helpful tool to ensure you place your auction item(s) in the appropriate category.

45. Auction Title

Just as using a strong title for a book, your eBay auction title needs to captivate buyers. You are allowed 45 characters for your title and you need to use common words that will draw attention. Use this space carefully and to your advantage. Think of words that will be easily found when people conduct a search. For example, if you are selling six yards of fabric you could say something like, “Stunning material – Don't miss this great bargain.” If you are selling fishing poles, try something like, “Love to fish? GREAT buy on fishing poles!” Since the search option on eBay looks for specific characters, you should try to list the item both singular and plural. As an example, for the fishing poles, you could list the auction as, “Fishing Poles – Get your fishing pole now!” Avoid wasted words such as WOW or Look Here. Buyers are looking so there is no need to tell them to look. Again, as buyers looking through the listings, the titles are what will capture their attention. Make your impression a strong one!

46. Abbreviations

Saving space in titles can be important if you have a longer description. Look at other auctions selling the same type of merchandise to get an idea of the types of abbreviations that will work. As an example, you could write, “Do U love to fish?” or “Gorgeous material 4 sale.”

47. Buyer's Questions

When you write your description try to think of questions buyers may have so your description will answer as many possible questions as possible. This will save time in relaying messages back and forth. This would include the manufacturers' name, condition of the item(s), special features, warranties, color, defects, etc.

48. Focus

Before you post your photos, make sure they are focused, aligned, centered, etc. A bad photo can stop the sale of your item(s) just as a good photo can help make the sale. In addition, if there is a difference, even slight, in color from what the actual item is and how it shows in the photo, be sure to describe any discrepancies in detail.

49. Pricing Methods

If you find that starting a price low and building is not working for you, try various pricing methods to find the one that you are comfortable with using. A great feature now offered by eBay is fixed pricing, which is something many people like to use.

50. Page One

The very first page is the sell form where you will find three choices. This is a valuable forum where you will determine your pricing method. Do not skim through this page but read all the detail and make good choices.

51. Writing your Description

To ensure there are no typographical, grammatical, or punctuation errors, you can use Notepad or a word processor to write the text. This will allow you to check for any errors. Once you are satisfied with the text, simply copy, cut, and past into the eBay description space.

52. Auction Duration

You will need to choose between listing your item(s) from 3, 5, 7, and 10 days. The most popular choice is 7 days but the option is up to you. If your item(s) is something that sells fast on eBay, you can lower the number of days whereas if it is a higher priced item you might want to push the date to 10 days, which will provide more time for the bigger spenders to find your auction.

53. Buy-it-Now

This is a feature offered by eBay and once you qualify, you can have one price where people can buy the item(s) “now” or they can continue bidding until the auction ends. If a buyer chooses the “buy now” option, the auction ends. Many buyers enjoy the convenience this option offers.

54. Location!

It is important to list the city and state where you are located. Not only does this help the buyer determine shipping to make sure you are not overcharging them but if you are selling larger items such as furniture, automobiles, or appliances where the buyer would have to pick the item(s) up, it would let them know if they want to bid based on location. As an example, if you have a refrigerator for sale and you live in New York, someone from California is not going to drive clear across the country just to pick up the appliance whereas on the East Coast might.

55. iPix

Use iPix if you need help getting your photo uploaded. This is a simple solution helpful for beginners to experts. If you know how to use FTP (file transfer protocol), you can even enter your web address where your images are stored allowing buyers to click on the URL and view the items. This is especially beneficial if you have an entire eBay store full of goodies.

56. Photo Size

Keep your photos 25K or less. This will allow buyers to download quickly and not get annoyed waiting to see your item(s).

57. Photo Gallery

The gallery option is yet another great eBay feature. For only $.25 you will be provided with a thumbnail picture of the item at the top of your listing. When potential buyers click into your auction, instead of having to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see your item(s) they can get a glimpse of it immediately at the top. This is yet another way of providing customer service. Buyers remember these types of things and appreciate the convenience offered. If they do not buy from you now, the chance of them buying in the future is elevated.

58. Counter

eBay provides the option of using a counter on your auction site. This helps you track the number of people visiting your auction. If you find that you have many hits but no one is buying, you might need to adjust your description, photo, etc. To make this even more appealing, it is free.

59. Payment Page

On the fifth page, the payment option page, you only need to check one box – “see item description” box. Since you will have outlined your payment options in your description, this reduces redundant information. This is easy to use and highly recommended.

60. Buyer pays Shipping

For the question as to who pays for shipping, you will have the option of who pays for shipping, you or the buyer. Always be sure you have the “buyer” box checked. Otherwise, you will end up with all the charges on your plate.

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