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Domain Registered? - Upload Content

This advice was mainly geared towards the Google search engine as this is notoriously the hardest, in time terms, to get into. Although it is also valid for any other search engine that you can mention.

The two simple steps are :

Firstly, upload several pages of keyword rich and subject relevent content to your domain. Now there are two ways of doing this, either it is written by you or you pay someone to write something for you. Ensure however that it is readable and informative content and thus promotes a quality image for your site.

The design of these pages is not majorly important, at this stage, because they are aimed purely at the search engines and not human readers. When you are at go live time they can be reformatted to fall into the same format as the rest of your site. A key factor here is to write one more page of content than you actually plan to upload because this is the way that you will get the search engines to your site.

Now the second step :

Do not bother submitting to the search engines directly, instead take this 'extra' page of content and upload it to one of the higher PageRank rated article directories.

When this article is accepted, which it will be if you followed the quality content instruction, this article then gets published onto the internet and other publishers are given the opportunity to display it on their websites also. Now the benefits are two fold here, firstly the search engines will follow the links displayed and get to your site and 'spider' your pages and you will also be building backlinks for your site before it is even completed.

The reason I gave this advice, relating to Google, was that Google operates a filter which is commonly referred to as the 'sandbox'. This sandbox has been developed so that Google can ensure that your site is not using any 'spamming' methods so that your site climbs the search engine ranking pages (SERP's) quickly. Remember Google is aimed at developing a quality search engine, hence the reason for quality content.

Now concentrate on developing the rest of the site and work happily knowing that you have created content that will help you to start to build backlinks and also advertised your site to the search engines with a view to starting to climb the SERP's. Basically you are putting your site one step ahead of the rest of the sites that are coming online on a daily basis.

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