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Baby Gift Baskets

It can be hard to comprehend what to get new parents after the arrival of their baby . If they haven 't had a chance to put together a gift registry you might feel at a loss when it comes to welcoming their new bundle of joy properly . Baby gift baskets make the perfect gift and are always welcomed. They can be purchased at different retailers or online. If you are so inclined you can even make a baby gift basket yourself.

Depending on the gender of the newest addition you can come up with a theme for the basket. Perhaps it might be "diaper duty" and you can include disposable diapers, cleaning cloths, and baby powders for the parents.

Another great idea for baby gift baskets is to consider filling a basket with travel sizes of the products most used by parents. Things like baby shampoo, soap, baby wash clothes, creams and lotions. Parents appreciate these because they easily fit into the diaper bag when they decide to venture out with the newborn. Some baby gift baskets include fun items for the baby to enjoy as it begins to grow. Things like toys and books. If there is a popular toy in vogue at the moment you can include that in the baby gift basket. It makes a wonderful keepsake. Another great idea for a memorable addition to baby gift baskets is a copy of the local newspaper from the day the baby was born.

The first step when you are preparing baby gift baskets is to decide on what will constitute the "basket." Of course you can use a wicker basket as a base but it's a nice idea to incorporate a useful item into the design. One idea is the use of a small rocking chair that the baby will be able to use when it becomes a toddler. The seat of the chair takes the place of a traditional basket and you can fill it with selected items; perhaps clothing or toys.

A baby bathtub is another wonderful alternative to the standard baby gift basket idea. The bathtub can be filled with all the bath essentials including shampoos and soaps, washcloths and towels. Add some fun items such as bath crayons or a bath toy so the gift offers something for the first few years of the baby's life. When you are preparing baby gift baskets you might consider a small addition for the new parents. A bottle of wine or if the mother is nursing a bottle of sparkling apple cider along with two crystal glasses lets the parents toast to their growing family.

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