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Simple Key Steps to Maximise your Adsense Revenue

Lots of Adsense publishers assume that once they are accepted all they have to do is put the adsense code into their web pages and they will automatically start to make money, well it takes a little bit more work than that and I have detailed below a few key steps that you need to take in order to develop your Adsense revenue properly.

Format your ads.

The biggest mistake you can make is simply pasting the standard non customised colour coded Adsense code into your page. This basically serves one purpose, it makes the ads not look like they belong on your web page and ensures that they stick out like a sore thumb! The common consensus amongst internet marketing professionals is that your Adsense ads should blend into your page and become part of the content itself, this has been proven by many to increase the clickthrough rates of publishers ads. When matching your ads to your web page think about: Colour scheme, Font type and size and also a key factor is to remove any border that the ads may have. Why remove the border? well simply because having a border around them makes it obvious that they are an advert and internet surfers are rapidly becoming ad blind and the less they look like ads the better.

Text Links should also be the same colour as the text links on your web pages and generally speaking a blue text link is the norm because it is pretty much an internet standard and what most internet users are used to clicking on, remember effective ad marketing is as psychological as any TV advert. When formatting your ads it is important to remember that you cannot directly 'encourage' visitors to click on your ads, this firstly is against Adsense terms and conditions and can get your account closed down but it is also very unprofessional and extremely unethical. Do not label your ads anything other than adverts, calling them site sponsors etc can be deemed as encouragement and result in account loss.

Ad Placement and Selection.

Ever heard the phrase “Location, Location, Location.”? When developing your Adsense pages this is the one phrase that you really need to remember, getting the placement of your ads wrong can seriously reduce your click through rate (CTR) and ultimately reduce your earnings. Your ads are better placed 'above the fold', what this means is that they are placed such that every visitor sees them and is generally at the top of your page. Now what you do not want to do is simply put the ads in a table at the very top of the page as this is still technically 'out of the fold' as it is away from your content, bring the ads within your content but still ensure they are 'above the fold' so that every reader sees them and as the opportunity to click on them.

A neat little html code snippet that can be used to wrap your content text around your ads is:

<div style="float: left; margin: 3px 3px 3px 3px;">adsense code here</div>Your Content Goes Here

Explanations of snippet:

left - this is simply the position of the ads block, if you want change it to right to move the ads to the other side.

3px 3px 3px 3px - this simply places a border or white space around your ads, to increase or reduce change the numerical numbers.

adsense code here - self explanatory just simply paste your adsense code into here

adsense code here - again pretty straight forward, just place your content here and it will flow around your ads block.

It is also imperative that you select the right ad format, the banner type ads are not always the right choice as many internet surfers have become banner blind and they simply will not click on them. Banner styles ad blocks do have their uses, such as forums for between post ads however where possible try to use a large rectangle style ad blocks on open content pages as these are the ones that perform the best and encourage people to click through, they are also the easiest to integrate into your content.

Develop Content

The key thing to remember is that Adsense ads are contextual in nature which basically means that they display ads that are generated by looking at the content of the page that they are displayed on, therefore the more content that you have on your subject the more relevant that the ads are going to be to your viewers and as such the revenue generated should increase. The thing to remember when creating content pages for Adsense is to make sure that the content actually offers the reader some value, the focus of all content pages in terms of Adsense is to generate clicks.

Many publishers make the mistake of loading their pages with keywords so that the ads displayed are the ones they want but in doing this they forget that to the reader it makes no sense and as such the only click the page will get is the one to close it down. The key is to provide good content that will draw readers in, it should provide good, detailed and relevant information that is aimed at increasing the need for information which in order to get the reader has to click the ads to find out more or obtain the product in question. Gear your content into leading the reader into an inquisitive mood thus ensuring that they click ads to gain more. Obviously the more targeted the content is then the more 'meat' that Google has to get its teeth into in order to display relevant ads and not just simply drop public service ads into the ad blocks.

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