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Adsense - Money via Targeted Ads.

The aim of any internet entrepreneur is to make money using the power of the World Wide Web. So how would you like to use the internet to generate a passive income that builds even when you are asleep? This is no get rich scheme, on the contrary it will take some time to develop the income stream especially if starting from a brand new website.

The simple answer is to become an Adsense publisher and display Adsense ads on your web pages that are relevent to your content and thus provide a service to your readers and also provide you with an income stream. All you need to do is the following :

Have a website, Join the Adsense Program, Publish Adsense ads on your web pages and get traffic to your pages. Don't get me wrong, as stated above, this is no quick result but more a structured approach to generating value both for the internet and yourself.

Whenever someone clicks on an advert, your Adsense account gets credited with a few cents. Dependent on how much the advertiser is paying Google, it's sometimes a LOT of cents!

Sign up for Google "Adsense". Click on the Image to the left to start the application process.

Google will first "vet" your web site. If they approve it, you are in business! Copy the Google "Adsense" code onto each web page. When someone views the page, it automatically notifies Google which then arranges to "spider" your page within the next few hours. To begin with, it puts totally irrelevant adverts in place of the Adsense code. But, once your page has been "spidered", the adverts are relevant to the text on your page.

If you do intend to become an Adsense publisher then please do this in an ethical manner, click fraud is becoming a big issue and Google are extremely active in identifying and stopping this practice (which this site agrees with). As part of this sites commitment to developing your income streams we have a sub forum that is geared to helping you legitimately develop this income stream and also provide value to your readers and ethically develop the Adsense network.

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Please take a look at our Adsense Advice forum and feel free to join and get involved.

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